Ferruh Tarik Tigli

Ferruh launched his professional journey in 1999 at Arthur Andersen’s Istanbul office, focusing on tax audits and due diligence primarily for multinational corporations across pharmaceuticals, energy, and finance sectors.

Ferruh began his professional journey in 1999 at Arthur Andersen's Istanbul office, specializing in tax audits and due diligence for multinational corporations. In 2002, he advanced to EY as a senior tax adviser focusing on international tax advisory. By 2007, Ferruh had co-founded and led the EMEA desk at the EY Amsterdam office, marking a significant milestone in his career. In 2009, Ferruh became one of the co-founders of Taxture, further cementing his role as a leader in tax-efficient and strategic restructuring.

Ferruh’s profound understanding of international tax laws enables him to help clients achieve optimal financial outcomes. He continues to excel as an esteemed international tax adviser, specializing in the taxation and restructuring of multinational corporations and leading outbound investment projects.

Ferruh's comprehensive services are tailored to multinational and large family businesses, providing efficient structures via the Netherlands. His specialties include extensive experience in tax-efficient restructuring services, focusing on future capital gain exits, constructive dividend policies, and cash flow-oriented solutions.

Fluent in both English and Turkish, Ferruh is also a Turkish Certified Chartered Accountant