Corporate / M&A


Corporate / M&A

A number of key issues have to be appropriately addressed in case of a merger or acquisition transaction. Among others these issues are:

  • The legal and tax due diligence of the transaction target (what company do we purchase or merge with?).
  • Determination of asset or share transaction.
  • Pricing & compensation (cash, shares or combination?).
  • Financing (leverage) of the transaction.
  • Safeguarding fiscal loss compensation.
  • Making the transaction tax effective (e.g. make certain that the interest on the acquisition debt (if any) is tax deductible).
  • Mediation with tax authorities.
  • Legal documentation ((S)PA, Reps & Warranties, payment conditions, etc.).
  • Follow-up and integration.
  • Retention of the key people (management participation plans).
  • Exit planning and strategies.

Through a combined effort of Taxture’s tax and legal team we can assist our clients effectively and efficiently.

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