Payroll and human resources services


Payroll and human resources services

We know just how important it is to complete payroll and HR tasks accurately and on time. The consequences of mistakes and missed deadlines can be catastrophic for the financial health and reputation of businesses in the Netherlands. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services designed to take the guesswork out of such a crucial business function.

Allow our HR experts to guide you through the complexities of Dutch wage tax and social insurance premium regulations. We’ll take care of everything, including the setup and upkeep of your salary administration and HR processes.

Our comprehensive payroll compliance package covers a range of services, such as:

  • Compilation of annual income statements for your employees
  • Continuous internal payroll reporting to ensure accuracy and transparency
  • Handling the preparation and submission of wage tax returns
  • Guidance on fulfilling tax payment obligations
  • Continuous monitoring of employee compensation packages
  • Annual assessment of compliance with the Work Cost Regulation (WKR)
  • Verification of Collective Labor Regulations (CAOs) and overseeing corresponding obligations
  • Preparation of monthly salary statements, gross-to-net reports, and journal entries
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