Tax planning and restructuring


Tax planning and restructuring

Within Taxture, a team of specialists together with the international network of preferred partners can assist you with and advise you on international tax advisory matters and opportunities, taking into consideration the Dutch as well as all required foreign tax implications.

This includes amongst others advisory services regarding:

  • Design and implementation of international holding structures.
  • Design and implementation of international financing and royalty structures.
  • Advice on and execution of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advice on and implementation of private equity and venture capitalist fund management structures.
  • Advice on and implementation of structures for companies that are planning towards an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • Advice on and implementation of asset protection, repatriation, and tax optimization structures. 

IP and finance optimizations

We can assist you in restructuring and optimizing your finance activities and internal cash flows by making them as tax efficient as possible while meeting all relevant (international) regulations and requirements.

Further, we can advise on robust and efficient structures for IP generation and IP planning. In that respect, we can provide advice on how to structure intragroup finance and royalty payments in such a way that inefficiencies are reduced as much as possible. This prevents unnecessary tax leakage and makes the structure as efficient as possible.


In many cases, it is advisable to obtain upfront approval from the Dutch tax authorities regarding the tax consequences of a contemplated investment. This depends on e.g. the investment made, interests involved, or level of comfort the company requires concerning a certain transaction. This is usually achieved through a so-called Advanced Pricing Agreement (in case of e.g. intercompany financing/pricing) or an Advanced Tax Ruling (for other specific situations). We have long and in-depth experience in preparing and mediation discussing such agreements with the Dutch tax authorities.

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