VAT advisory services


VAT advisory services

At Taxture, we utilize years of VAT experience to provide comprehensive guidance on VAT regulations in the Netherlands and manage all compliance aspects related to VAT. Our services cover standalone VAT reporting or as part of integrated administration.

Our comprehensive VAT advisory services include:

● Assessment of VAT implications for specific transactions
● Handling IntraStat Reporting
● Integrated VAT reporting for specific electronic services (MOSS / OSS)
● Handling VAT registration
● Facilitation of VAT refund applications for non-residents in the Netherlands
● Processing VAT refund applications in other EU states
● Preparation and submission of regular VAT returns
● Managing Intra-Community Sales Listings
● Assistance with Article 23 license application for import deferral
● Everyday communication with tax authorities concerning all VAT compliance matters

Whether you’re looking for a full-service VAT service or everyday advice and guidance, we’ll
work tirelessly on your behalf to keep your organization fully compliant.

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