Accounting services


Accounting services

We use a powerful cloud-based accounting system that manages accounts with exceptional levels of accuracy and reliability. Delivered according to Dutch GAAP requirements, our trusted accounting services take care of admin-heavy tasks that are crucial to the financial health of your business.

Our platform facilitates a wide range of functions, such as multi-currency invoicing, transaction recording, fixed asset management, and project accounting. It also boasts a dynamic management reporting tool, standard import capabilities, and seamless integration with existing platforms and processes/

Our suite of accounting and corporate secretarial services includes:

  • General ledger maintenance
  • Interim management reports
  • Preparation of annual reports in compliance with Dutch GAAP regulations
  • Recording of employee benefits and expenses, including annual reconciliation
  • Management of fixed assets and depreciation schedules
  • Preparation of publication accounts
  • Submission of financial statements to the Chamber of Commerce
  • General ledger closure procedures
  • Subsidiary consolidation
  • Tax accounting services


Let us take care of all your business accounting needs while you focus on growing your business.

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